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Our Company

Our Company

We are a family business founded in the region of Halkidiki in 1997.Our family had estates with about 400 olive trees since the 1980s. Over the years, of course, it has managed to have olive groves with a total area of 100 hectares with 2,700 trees.

Historical summary:

In 1997, noticing that in Halkidiki there was a great tendency towards the cultivation of olives, we decided to deal with the production of olive oil and created the olive mill. In 2001, as a natural continuation, the bottling plant came and almost at the same time the exports to Germany started. The continuous upward trend of the company led to a renovation of our equipment in 2006".

Our purpose:

Our primary goal and our basic principle is the production and distribution of high-quality products. Thus, following the long Greek tradition, with honest work and based on principles and values, we have managed to create a first-quality product.

Our Headquarters:

located in Simantra, in our owner's premises we operate an olive oil mill and olive oil mill. Thus we have the ability to control the production process in all its stages. Our export activity is extended to the Balkan countries, Scandinavia, Russia, Australia and many countries in Central Europe.


Responding to the market requirements and always aiming at the best customer service, our company decided to install a Product Safety System according to the requirements of EN ISO 22000:..