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  •    •  Liocladi Gold Bio 0,2

Liocladi Gold Bio 0,2

Το αγουρέλαιο σημαίνει στην κυριολεξία “ανώριμο λάδι“. Ορισμένες φορές το αποκαλούν και “πρωτόλαδο“. Ο λόγος είναι απλός. Πρόκειται για λάδι που βγαίνει από το ελαιοτριβείο με τις πρώτες ελιές της σοδειάς, πριν ωριμάσει ο ελαιόκαρπος. περίπου στο 60 – 70%.

Its color is a bright emerald green. Finally, its scent is reminiscent of freshly cut grass and its taste slightly "bites" the tongue like pepper.

Of course, quality comes at a cost, as it takes almost twice as many green olives to produce the same amount of oil as if ripe olives had been used.

Energy 3449kj/824kcal
Fats 91,6g
Saturated 13,6g
Μonounsaturated 68,6g
polyunsaturated 9,4g
Carbohydrates 0,0g
Sugars 0,0g
Dietary fibres 0,0g
Proteins 0,0g
Salt 0,0g


In every competition that has been awarded our olive oil has taken part in the category of quality and has been distinguished among many brands from different countries both for its rich aroma, the special and intense taste contained in olive oil with acidity <0.2 and for its content of valuable and beneficial elements for the consumer such as polyphenols.